Newest Completed Projects for BCC Mural Design and Creation Class: Berkeley City College’s 40th Anniversary Mural and the New Installation at the West Oakland Youth Center

2 09 2014

Detail of Angela Davis

West Oakland Youth Center: A Collaboration between True Colors Mural Project (BCC), Trust Your Struggle Collective (Cece Carpio, Rob Trujillo, Erin Yoshi and Miguel “Bounce” Perez) and Juana Alicia


West Oakland Youth Center with Tile Murals

Market St Entrance

West Oakland Youth Center Murals, Market St Entrance, Trust Your Struggle Collective, Juana Alicia and True Colors Mural Project Collaboration

West Oakland Youth Center, Brockhurst Street Entrance

West Oakland Youth Center, Brockhurst Street Entrance


Detail of Dap Section, Brockhurst Street Panel

Brock_D med

Detail of Brockhurst Walls

Market B small

Detail of Market Street Panel

Center Right sm

Detail of original Market Street Painting


Detail of Market Street Panels


Detail of Market Street Panels


Center L Left sm

Detail of Market Street Panels

Spring and Summer 2014  


Berkeley City College’s 40th Anniversary Mural, Located in the Basement Atrium of Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Directed by Tirso Araiza, designed by True Colors Mural Project students, with Eduardo Pineda. Painting assistance from Juana Alicia, Rob Gibson, Miguel-Angel Mondragon-Ayala Bounce-Perez, Nadya Voynovskaya and Community Volunteers.

SMFinished Front Panel w edge of back panel

Front Panel of From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Student Artists: Vivian Allen, Dante K. Alnas-Benson, Natalie I. Contreras, Alyn A. Esnel, Angelica M. Foreman, Sara Freeman, Zachary A. Klusty, Bee Marrone, Andrea Melendez, Caitlin Moore, Michelle Munyer, T.A., Luke T. Nemy, Arielle C. Ramanda, Heather S. Reaney, Param Sharma, Shanna M. Strange, Benjamin Triana, Amanda B. Walker, Jan A. Zawislanski.

Detail of Angela Davis

Detail of Angela Davis, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Back Panel from Left Side

Left Side of Back Panel, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Back Panel w Ceiling

View of Tree and Produce Market, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Finished Ceiling

Ceiling, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Mario Savio and mural to corner copy

Back Panel, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

From the Ground Up 3

Detail of Back Panel, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

Bobby Seale From the Ground Up copy

Detail of Bobby Seale, From the Ground Up/Desde las Raíces

True Colors Mural Project, Public Art Program, Berkeley City College ©2014, All Rights Reserved.

Tirso w students and ladder

Please Join Us for the Inauguration of this Mural!


True Colors Mur…

4 08 2012

Newest Project for BCC Mural Design and Creation Class

Spring 2013:

Participate in the Creation of New Murals for the West Oakland Youth Center: Take MURAL DESIGN AND CREATION at Berkeley City College this spring! 21035 and 21036 (Lecture and Lab) ART 133B Berkeley City College Art Department Instructor: Juana Alicia Araiza Class Hours: 2-6:00 Mondays and Wednesdays Class Web Site: Art Studio 125 4 Units of Credit This class creates environmental and social justice themed murals for the community. This is the second semester of a two-part class. During the spring semester, students create the mural that was designed in the fall semester. We are working with the West Oakland community and the Trust Your Struggle Mural Collective to create 8 new ceramic tile murals for the new West Oakland Youth Center, and will create large painted murals for display at BCC and beyond. If you paint, community organize, write, do graff, photography, web design, video or blogging, this could be the class and project for you! We welcome artists that want to work collaboratively to improve our community.

Aambr, Olivia, Juana Alicia and Erin Yoshi
WOYC future site in progress Erin Yoshi, Rob Trujillo, Juana Alicia and Cece Carpio at sketch session






True Colors Mural Project is proud to announce the completion of the new mural, “Fresh Start” for the REALM Charter School in West Berkeley. We are planning a fall inauguration with the REALM community, so check this site for updates. The 100′ x 11′ mural was created by a fabulous team of Berkeley City College Mural Design and Creation students in collaboration with other community artists and the REALM School students and staff. Check it out!


4 08 2012


FRESH START Mural for REALM Charter School
Created by the True Colors Mural Project, Directed by Juana Alicia
Assisted by Cece Carpio, Aambr Newsome and Keena Romano
Photo by Dana Davis
Guest Artist: Tirso Araiza
©2012 Berkeley City College and Earth Island Institute
Student Muralists:
Hyder Amil
Daniel Bennett
Jennifer Bloomer
Noel Carr
Charles Carter
Dylan Leming
Stephen Lloyd
Malcolm Malgha
Caitlin Moore
Michael Morales
Holly Newton
Angel Perez
Ingrid Pruitt
Enrique Ramirez
Evelyn Ruiz
Duncan Russell
Christina Puncsak
Nadya Voynovskya
Charles Harris Wilton
Antonio Zamora

Update: The Village Grows and Goes Surfing!


Greetings TRUE COLORS MURAL PROJECT’s dedicated community!

With 2 days left in our campaign – we wanted to introduce you to another one of the environmental justice leaders depicted in the Fresh Start mural, 21 year old founder of Surfers for Change, Kyle Thiermann! We’ve included a quick bio and video about Kyle, and can’t express the importance of such a dynamic, young, local leader who can inspire many people to do the type of work that needs to be done.  History can be made by anyone passionate enough about a cause, and Kyle is a perfect example of someone whose passion turned into worldwide change!  Please take a minute to learn about his story as we reach out to the surfing community and rally support in the last days of our fundraising campaign! (also  soon we will be adding a picture of True Colors’ muralist Aambr Newsome’s comic style portrait of Kyle for the Fresh Start mural at Realm Middle and High School in Berkeley, California.)


We welcome the following backers to our TCMP Community: mars, Anthony Jackson, Andy Mughannam, Emme Adams, kathleen ferris, Martha Cramer, Jeff Hargreaves, Jill Shugart, Jared Konopitski, rochelle kaplan, Scott Hoshida, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Diane Bennett, Jessica, Sylvia Gonzalez, Jeff, Daniel McCoy, Mary McDonald, Heather Von Seggern, Jeremy Palmer, Sarah Regnier, Luz Corona, Liz Newton, nefertiti, kevin connelly, Shannon Williams, Elliot Hu-Au, Catherine Wilton, Hillary Walker, LYNN WILTON, Miranda Bergman, Nastia Voynovskaya, Allison Connor, Rebecca Prager, susan, Aurora Guerrero,  Shilpa Jain, Saul Martinez, Terri Halleen Moody, Rex Romano, brook johnson, THUHA TRAN, The Downest Obstreperous Bear, Marta Sanchez, David Da Silva, Cheryl Robertson, Francisco H. Vazquez, Baron Ayo, Caroline, Joia, Nuvia, xochil, Sarah Brothers, Joan Scott, Joe Synnott, irene, julia, Andrew Calvo, A Berger, Noel Jeanloz, Christine Dargahi, Jennifer Gibson, C Arellano, and Celia H. Rodriguez and the list grows with you… Give today.

With your help, love, support, re-posts, texts, updates and tweets, we have built great momentum and buzz about our project, which will carry on in the lifetime of the mural.  We have only until Wednesday, April 3 at 10pm Pacific Standard Time to fund the mural! Be part of the movement to build the first interactive educational mural in Berkeley.

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…because it takes a villiage to raise a child and PAINT A MURAL!

1 04 2012
Hello WordPress Community!
We are in the final stretch of our campaign with 3 days remaining to raise funds by Wednesday Apr 4. We have reached the 85% mark for our goal, and want to deeply thank ALL of our backers and supporters who have been keeping our energy levels extremely high!
Thank to you our generous supporters: CB Smith-Dahl, Peter Hargreaves, K L van Putten, Aline Prentice, Tirso, Sierra Thai Binn, Toby Hargreaves, Chelsea Roberts, Herrick Andrews, Jenny Chu, Melonious Funk, Lindsay Miller, Fred Medrano, Will Bloomer, Lauren, Marsha Moore, Douglas Pundick, Liza Richheimer, Victor Diaz, Caroline Carrols, Holly Newton, Linda Berry, Kate Seely, Terrance Schofield, Tom Branca, Garen Corbet, Nadya Noyvoyskaya, Irina G, Sarah Gibson, Alia Gibson, Jeremy Miesch, Leticia Pritchett, Santiago Casal, Enrique Ramirez, Kate Moody, Sasha Turchak, Natalia Turchak, Leon Young, Cheryl Lari, Jeff Wethe, Naomi Nemtzow, P Gibsono, Carol Bevilacqua, Christine, Susan W., Nora Roman, Marty Wesby, Ian Foti-Landis, Vita Wells, Jacob Michelson, and the list will continue to grow with your name here…Today, we meet REALM Middle and High School Founder and Principal Victor Diaz, who has dedicated his life to building educational opportunities, institutions and resources for underrepresented/underprivileged communities and youth! He has partnered with the True Colors Mural Project to have this innovative mural painted during its first year of operation and become one of the visual foundations for REALM.  He understands the importance of how a mural that intersects art, technology, and environmentalism can educate and inspire future generations of students and leaders! He has rallied the school staff and its supporters to create the mural. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO LEND A HAND! Please give what you can TODAY!
YouTube – Video

UPDATE #2 Interview Student Artist Hyder Amir II @ Realm Charter School

16 03 2012


18 Days Left to Fundraise with Kickstarter!


LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW OUR MURAL EDUCATES! (including integrated QR codes! how cool is that?!) 


Check in for more updates coming soon!!! 


Please donate now!

12 03 2012

Please donate now!


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