Update: The Village Grows and Goes Surfing!

2 04 2012

http://kck.st/yLATcY ((DONATIONS ACCEPTED HERE!) =)

Greetings TRUE COLORS MURAL PROJECT’s dedicated community!

With 2 days left in our campaign – we wanted to introduce you to another one of the environmental justice leaders depicted in the Fresh Start mural, 21 year old founder of Surfers for Change, Kyle Thiermann! We’ve included a quick bio and video about Kyle, and can’t express the importance of such a dynamic, young, local leader who can inspire many people to do the type of work that needs to be done.  History can be made by anyone passionate enough about a cause, and Kyle is a perfect example of someone whose passion turned into worldwide change!  Please take a minute to learn about his story as we reach out to the surfing community and rally support in the last days of our fundraising campaign! (also  soon we will be adding a picture of True Colors’ muralist Aambr Newsome’s comic style portrait of Kyle for the Fresh Start mural at Realm Middle and High School in Berkeley, California.)


We welcome the following backers to our TCMP Community: mars, Anthony Jackson, Andy Mughannam, Emme Adams, kathleen ferris, Martha Cramer, Jeff Hargreaves, Jill Shugart, Jared Konopitski, rochelle kaplan, Scott Hoshida, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Diane Bennett, Jessica, Sylvia Gonzalez, Jeff, Daniel McCoy, Mary McDonald, Heather Von Seggern, Jeremy Palmer, Sarah Regnier, Luz Corona, Liz Newton, nefertiti, kevin connelly, Shannon Williams, Elliot Hu-Au, Catherine Wilton, Hillary Walker, LYNN WILTON, Miranda Bergman, Nastia Voynovskaya, Allison Connor, Rebecca Prager, susan, Aurora Guerrero,  Shilpa Jain, Saul Martinez, Terri Halleen Moody, Rex Romano, brook johnson, THUHA TRAN, The Downest Obstreperous Bear, Marta Sanchez, David Da Silva, Cheryl Robertson, Francisco H. Vazquez, Baron Ayo, Caroline, Joia, Nuvia, xochil, Sarah Brothers, Joan Scott, Joe Synnott, irene, julia, Andrew Calvo, A Berger, Noel Jeanloz, Christine Dargahi, Jennifer Gibson, C Arellano, and Celia H. Rodriguez and the list grows with you… Give today.

With your help, love, support, re-posts, texts, updates and tweets, we have built great momentum and buzz about our project, which will carry on in the lifetime of the mural.  We have only until Wednesday, April 3 at 10pm Pacific Standard Time to fund the mural! Be part of the movement to build the first interactive educational mural in Berkeley.



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